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Alignment & Pain Management

Learn to carry your body through space most healthfully, reducing or eliminating aches and pains, and freeing yourself to live life more fully!


"I'm a professional musician and vocalist, and when I first saw Cynthia I was in a bad way.  I was in moderate to severe pain from post-laminectomy spasms, and some days I could barely stand up straight. For about a year and a half, I felt my usually excellent breath control slipping away, and it was negatively affecting my performance.  I thought I was just getting too old to perform (I'm 50) and I was seriously considering ending my professional career.  Cynthia recommended some astonishingly simple things to unlock the muscles in my chest and back, and they gave me immediate and lasting relief.  I have incorporated her treatment into my daily routine, and the difference it has made in my career and my life is dramatic.  I am forever grateful to Cynthia for saving my career and my sanity.  Today, I'm walking without pain, standing and singing long concerts without difficulty, and enjoying my life again."

— Christopher H

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