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My Story

Cynthia's unique journey has guided her to a place of wanting to share what she has learned to help you realize the life you've always dreamed of. By learning to say no to what was no longer serving her, and learning to say yes to opportunities for healing and living her dream, she has acquired a toolbox of practices to help you realize your fullest potential as a human being.  Starting by showing up for yourself, Cynthia will support you on your path.


Using one-on-one coaching techniques, private yoga instruction, postural alignment work, and/or working with corporate groups to help them be more comfortable in their bodies, Cynthia uses numerous modalities and techniques to support you in living your best life.


Cynthia's health crisis was her wake-up call.  In 2004, and with four young sons, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer - just 18 months after her mother died of cancer.  After surgery, and an 18-month intermittent systemic infection. she slowly found her way back to health through practices of self-care, poetry, healing foods, supplements, and yoga.  The practice of yoga taught her to slow down and pay attention.  The healing foods truly nourished her, and the supplements helped her heal from the systemic infection where the antibiotics had not.  This journey of healing led her to a yoga teacher training, and a new life path.  She began to teach yoga classes, see individual yoga clients, and began to study alignment after experiencing a back injury.  Without surgery or other medical interventions, she came back from a doubly herniated disc and is now upright and pain-free. Through her continued explorations, she enrolled in a Life Coaching training program and learned the importance of energy and mindset.  With all these tools, she is now living a beautiful life that she cherishes. It gives her great joy to support others on their path to the same.

Some of Cynthia's formal training is as follows: 

BA Music History, University of Illinois; Masters of Library Science, University of Illinois; Yoga Teacher Training, Samadhi Yoga Studio; Additional YogaTrainings with Sarah Powers, Tias Little, Shiva Rea and others; Alignment Workshops with Esther Gokhale; Coaching Training, iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).


"Cynthia Wolcott is an extraordinary, inspiring yoga teacher. Her instruction includes valuable advice about which practices are especially helpful for issues specific to whoever in in the class."

— Eleanor M. Godway, Ph.D

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