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"I have been doing yoga on and off for over 40 years. I LOVE this class.  I want to come because our instructor, Cynthia Wolcott, not only designs the class every week to our needs and skill level, but gently encourages our development.  I also appreciate that she shares her knowledge about how the body works, and how it can heal. I'm still a newbie, but I have more bounce in my step, an increase in flexibility, and less pain in the places I was hurting"



"I was feeling a little stuck in my life like a ship come aground on an unexpected sandbar. There was a gap between where I was existing and where I wanted to be living. Cynthia has a kind, gentle way of holding space for you to discover what your heart is telling you. She listens with her whole being and, in a somewhat magical way, asks the questions that allow you to find the answers that lived within yourself all along. Cynthia meets you where you are and supports you in your journey, allowing your own inner light and courage to find its way forward. She didn't force my ship free, but rather added the extra support (like the coming of high tide) that allowed me to raise my sails once more and set my own course down river. Whether you are looking for greater clarity in life or are struggling to make needed life changes, Cynthia is the person you want as your guide."


Compassionate Spirit-Filled Yoga Practice

"First and foremost Cynthia is an amazing yoga teacher and brings a rich and deep spirit to the class which transcends an ordinary yoga practice. As I struggle to unbend this stiff and cranky body of mine and coax it to do what it’s been designed to do, Cynthia’s class has helped me in unexpected and wonderful ways in body, mind and spirit."



"Cynthia Wolcott is an extraordinary, inspiring yoga teacher. Her instruction includes valuable advice about which practices are especially helpful for issues specific to whoever in in the class."


On-Line Systems, Inc./DMV

Freelance Singer/Performer

"Cynthia's Masterclass on Movement & Body Awareness was not only incredibly captivating because of her openness, warm and gentle spirit, but also statistically informational, applicable to not only the workplace but one's daily activities pre- & post-work, and ideologically reaffirming. On a personal note, she has reminded me 'staying literally grounded, while standing firm and tall' during any performance will loosen the grip of anxiety and keep me connected to my breathing. I cherish that. Some of the simplest-put things we hear can most times be the most meaningful; and Cynthia has a great way of doing just that."



"I'm a professional musician and vocalist, and when I first saw Cynthia I was in a bad way. I was in moderate to severe pain from post-laminectomy spasms, and some days I could barely stand up straight. For about a year and a half, I felt my usually excellent breath control slipping away, and it was negatively affecting my performance. I thought I was just getting too old to perform (I'm 50) and I was seriously considering ending my professional career. Cynthia recommended some astonishingly simple things to unlock the muscles in my chest and back, and they gave me immediate and lasting relief. I have incorporated her treatment into my daily routine, and the difference it has made in my career and my life is dramatic. I am forever grateful to Cynthia for saving my career and my sanity. Today, I'm walking without pain, standing and singing long concerts without difficulty, and enjoying my life again."



"Cynthia's workshop provided practical, easy to do exercises and has been really helpful to me, especially at work! I would highly recommend it to everyone!."



Thank you for today’s session. I certainly felt better when I left!" 

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