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Individual Life Coaching

 Live the life you most want to live! ! Live the life you've dreamed of!  Let me support you and be your accountability partner along your way.

Anne M., M.D.

"I was feeling a little stuck in my life like a ship come aground on an unexpected sandbar. There was a gap between where I was existing and where I wanted to be living. Cynthia has a kind, gentle way of holding space for you to discover what your heart is telling you. She listens with her whole being and, in a somewhat magical way, asks the questions that allow you to find the answers that lived within yourself all along. Cynthia meets you where you are and supports you in your journey, allowing your own inner light and courage to find its way forward. She didn't force my ship free, but rather added the extra support (like the coming of high tide) that allowed me to raise my sails once more and set my own course down river. Whether you are looking for greater clarity in life or are struggling to make needed life changes, Cynthia is the person you want as your guide."

--Cyndi H

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